February 25, 2013

Moving the Fight Offline

Blood, sweat, and tears are the real drivers of change – likes, re-tweets, and comments can only amplify their effect and win the sympathy of an otherwise apathetic public. Witty posts and killer memes have their place among the lofty deeds of the political blogger, but the real struggles are down below.

Real struggles like those which have rippled through our own shores, in EDSA I and II, and countless smaller campaigns for everything from land reform to workers’ rights – by sectors of society, indeed the vast majority of our people, who have suffered in the face of no genuine shift away from the government’s brand of elite democracy. These movements that have had their roots not in the age of  hash-tags and Facebook apps,  but in the historic experiences of our people; experiences of oppression, class struggle, and collective resistance to the status quo.

Indeed, those most willing to fight for their own rights and the rights of the least of our brothers have been those without internet access

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